How to can remove /mail from end of Url for viewing mail server

Hi dear friends
Please guide me, I want to remove /mail from my mail server URL https://…/mail.
Another thing is viewing the mail server with both protocols 80 and 443.

I think you can find both nginx listening ports, and paths for /mail, in /etc/nginx/conf.d/local.conf
Back it up before you start messing around and commenting things out obviously.

Doable … search the forum … there are several posts detailing different methods of doing this. All unsupported.

Why? Why do you want to bypass the most basic security step? If you want to do this you are better off to host a webmail client on insecure web hosting somewhere …
There is no easy way to accomplish this in MiaB, though you likely are able to, but again this is completely unsupported.

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Uhmm, I don’t believe so. IIRC MiaB has them stored in a non-standard location. I may be incorrect though, but I don’t have time to double check at the moment.

Thanks for your reply.
The change in this file can be solved this goal, but when a new user is added the file is recreated and must be set those parameters again.