How to add the External DNS Records to GoDaddy

I downloaded the zonefile and when trying to upload it on GoDaddy it gives me an error, I am trying to set up the server to a domain I cant do the changes on Nameserver, reason I am trying to add manually the external Records, I am struggling to get it working, I am probably no asking the right question I am just completely stuck, any help would be appreaciated

Probably because the zone file also contains NS records that point to your Mail-in-a-Box.

You don’t have to, because if you want to manage your DNS at GoDaddy, you also have to use their nameservers.

Forget the file you downloaded and use only the records that are shown on the “External DNS” page. First add the records where it says “Required” in the description and then work your way to the ones that are “Recommended” and finally do the “Optional” ones. If the SSHFP or the “Null MX Records” (the ones with a single dot) don’t work, it doesn’t matter. However I would recommend to add the DMARC and MTA-STS records.

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