How to add SSHFP record

How do I add SSHFP record in google cloud DNS. I do not find this type while adding a record set.

Try using a “TXT” record in the format of: IN SSHFP 2 1 pub_key_hash
part 1: hostname
part 2: Usually “IN” for internet
part 3: “SSHFP”, the RR name for type 44
part 4: RSA keys = "1"
DSA keys = "2"
ECDSA keys = "3"
ED25519 keys = "4"
part 5: The algorithm type:
SHA-1 = "1"
SHA-256 = "2"
part 6: Hash of public key, something like: awk ‘{print $2}’ /etc/ssh/ | openssl base64 -d -A | openssl sha1

I don’t know SSHFP so good luck my friend.

EDIT: Info found @

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