How should we store contacts and calendar so they show up in email?

Don’t we expect that as you type into roundcube or MS Outlook, your contacts should appear across all your devices and email clients? Right now, I have to look up in my android phone the contact separately from Outlook and for when I use Roundcube.

My contacts are in my cellphone but not in OwnCloud or in MS Outlook.

I downloaded DroidDav to my cellphone. it looks like it’s all good, but still not showing up in OwnCloud, Outlook or in Roundcube.

I know that I AM THE ONE missing a step or 2. I just want to be able to sync contacts so that when I email, I have the contacts available in the email client, etc. Additionally, I’d love to send and receive meeting requests and they show up in Calendars.

What am I missing? What is the process?

ownCloud manages the contacts database, so any contact you enter on any device using a CardDAV application (or via the Exchange Active/Sync protocol — but I don’t use it so I’m not sure) should appear within ownCloud — if not, the contact wasn’t entered successfully. (Also, it may take time for your apps to synchronize – that’s up to the app.)

Nothing else is supported in Mail-in-a-Box today.