How much trouble will I get myself into if I use the 18.04 branch?

I’ve wanted to set up a new MiaB server, but I’ve been waiting for the 18.04 branch to be stable as I’m not interested in setting up a server and then setting up a server.

As of November 10, 2018, how much trouble will I get myself into if I use ubuntu_bionic branch on GitHub?

This will be installed to a standalone local server that only serves MiaB.

All problems. MiaB over 18.04 still on development: and Mailinabox and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS - available soon?

That problem seems to be with performing backups, which I effectively perform backups via mail client, unless it creates some additional issues.

As told by @JoshData at the link provided before, the main known issue (currently) is backups’ related but that doesn’t mean couldn’t be other issues still pending to be solved.
Try It yourself if you wish (some of us did it on dev/ test environments but still trying to degug it in deep).

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