How much could the server service provider look into my box?

Just a general thought.
How much could the server service provider look into my box, i mean can they see, that i run MailInABox in general or could they read my e-mails, calendar, contacts or cloud storage? Or are they like a ISP which can read not encrypted outgoing and incoming data and metadata?

Can you clarify what you mean by “The service provider”?
Is that the hosting company? The ISP for the hosting company? The email servers which communicate with mail in a box? The government? Something else?

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The service provider like Digital Ocean, Linode, 1&1, or

sorry that my question is so unclear.

Any hosting company has the ability to access the files on your server. For example Digital Ocean use a hypervisor to run virtual servers from which has full access to your files.
This is the standard for just about all hosts unless they specifically state otherwise.

All of the emails on Mail in a Box are visible as unencrypted text under: /home/user-data/mail/mailboxes and have the owner set to the mail user so anyone with mail or root access could read these emails.

It’s worth noting though that hosts wouldn’t normally do this unless there was some specific reason to do so (a problem on the file system which you have reported or a court order perhaps).

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