How is your experience with outbound SMTP relay from MIAB?

Hey everyone. How have you found your experience with relaying your emails through another service from MIAB?

Does the setup get clobbered every time you upgrade?

I am just sick of my emails ending up in spam. It is a continual battle. I’m on no spam lists, have a good reputation running over many years, and all of a sudden, bam, I’m suddenly in a block of IPs that is considered spam. I can deal with Microsoft and Gmail, but now I’m finding lots of the little guys are marking me as spam, so it must be some other spam networks. Probably as I’m on a VPS and the entire block of IPs gets blacklisted.

Anyway, the only solution I can see is use a trusted relay.

Cheers, Ryan

I’m having problems at the moment with Digital Ocean hosted MIAB. All mail to MSN, Outlook and Hotmail is being bounced back.

550 5.7.1 Unfortunately, messages from [] weren’t sent. Please contact your Internet service provider since part of their network is on our block list (AS3140). You can also refer your provider to

Digital Ocean are no help. They just say try using a different region.

I’m thinking to use a separate relay but its looking costly. Meanwhile my users are screwed.

You can request Microsoft to unblock those. It takes about 24 hours, but works well.

The issue is other providers where it doesn’t block, but just goes straight to spam. I’d rather it be blocked…

From my experience, when any email user gets a bounce back. I go through the process of contacting the service provider. They all have a method to delist the IP/bounce back. The most interesting one, was when ClodMark came onto the scene all of a sudden. I had to contact them three separate times to remove any IP/domain from their blacklist.

AT&T is the worst in terms of removal, their IT support for removal is bureaucratic. I had to shame them on Twitter to respond. If you follow the removal instructions, time is your ally in fighting a bounce back.

@Snapey use this form for Microsoft

DigitalOcean VPS is not a good place for SMTP because a lot of spammers use it. so ISP’s like Microsoft and Google will just automatically block whole IP address blocks from them.

There is some truth, in this though it’s easy to contact the email providers for removal, though to be honest, it’s not only DigitalOcean, I would imagine, they block out far more addresses, then respond to individual requests. I’ve changed my Email Server’s IP 4 times, which I’ve had to restart the process from each provider, even the colo-location where my dedicated server is located.

Back to the OP: it would be very nice if MIAB would include an option for an upstream SMTP server. I know I can modify that in MIAB, but as stated in the OP I am not sure what happens when a new version of MIAB is installed.

When MIAB updates it overwrites postfix, dovecot, z-push, & nginx configs. Probably a few others as well. (Like web apps, but since most web apps hold their config in a DB backend and not a config file stuff for NextCloud are not overwritten for example.)

Thanks. I used the link posted and it resolved the problem!

Thanks. That’s the information I was looking for.

I just got sick of it hey. I think the big providers are just abusing their power to push out the independent little guys. I can’t even get a business IP from an ISP that they don’t block.

And the worst is when your emails just disappear. At least if it is blocked you can follow it up. But then they just put it in the spam folder which is worse IMO.