How good is Mail-in-a-Box for inbound spam filtering?

Question pretty much asked in the title.

Though I have been using and promoting MiaB I am so used to just ignoring spam that I do not pay any attention to it at all … and having so many mailboxes to contend with from various providers, I don’t really track who is who for when I do see spam, so any observations from the community would be nice.

Funny you should mention this as I’ve noticed something of an influx of SPAM recently and by that I mean nearly identical SPAM from multiple addresses. I use iOS ecosystem predominantly so not sure how well Apple Mail app interacts with my Mailinabox instance to identify and then block repeated SPAM (or junk in iOS terms). I don’t seem to be able to successfully flag senders or emails without them coming back repeatedly. Having said that I am not inundated with SPAM (maybe 10-15 a day) so maybe I just need to manage my expectations. Having an option to specifically block a similar type of email would be good - current types are all about winning a gift card, Tesla or being a final draw - lucky me :slight_smile:

In my opinion mailinabox is really good for spam filtering, SpamAssassian really does its job.

Same here, don’t forget the greylisting feature which helps a lot in preventing spam reaching spamassasin.

I have also been pleased with it. I have not had to tweak it in years.

With greylisting, I find it difficult to tell the actual quantity of spam being sent to the server.

The spam that makes it through greylisting is so obviously spam that nearly all spam not from a Google or Microsoft server goes to the spam folder.

The one exception is some new spammer that lately is sending spam from domains with no SPF record. Because MiaB is a standalone server, it does lack the one feature of having access to a very large pool of addresses for evaluating what users are reporting as spam, which is more powerful than merely the Bayesian filter and a small number of users.

I also find I receive fewer false positives than on Gmail, so I am more confident in assuming that all of the messages in my spam folder are spam.

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