How does mail users change their passwords on their own?

Am new to Mail-in-a-Box. Just wanted to know how do mail users change their passwords? Is there a self serve clickable menu they can click that can let them change their passwords at will?

At the moment, no. The feature was removed tree recently. Hopefully they will be able to resolve the issue and tie the feature back on again

This is TOO BAD! a fully ISP compliant email client should have with it the ability to change own email password without admin user intervention. This is practically basic functionality mainly to maintain data privacy to the user by not sharing his password to any other user

That feature was available until recently - but somewhere it broke stuff, and has been removed (temporarily, I imagine.) I don’t think MIAB was ever intended to be a large- ISP-level email system - it’s aimed at individuals and small groups.

@rojr55 This is an open source project and I look forward to your contribution of the changes to make this basic functionality.