How do I preserve original recipient address?

Hi all,
I have set up a single main inbox for everything, as well as a bunch of aliases to group the incoming email by setting up an alias chain like this:
main@example .com (main inbox)
group_1@example .com -> main@example .com
group_2@example .com -> main@example .com
abababa@example .com -> group_1@example .com
sadadas@example .com -> group_1@example .com
fafafafaf@example .com -> group_2@example .com

The intent is that anything that goes through group_1@ gets sorted into a single folder, and everything that goes through group_2@ gets sorted into a different folder.

I have been only able to figure out how to create rules that cover the original aliases (such as abababa@ and fafafafaf@), but not the aliases that are in the middle of the chain (group_1@).

Can anybody assist me with a way to group based on the addresses in the middle? Otherwise that defeats the whole purpose of chaining the aliases and I’ll have to look into a different solution.

(Sorry for the spaces in example .com, new user limitations)

Are you doing this through filters in Roundcube? That may be the better way to do this, if you are not.

I am not really certain why you even have the group in the middle … why are you not simply forwarding to main?

I just am simply not grasping your end intention here as mail when delivered it retains the original recipient address. However, Roundcube just does not display it. Using a the desktop client Thunderbird it displays fine…

I think I’ll get rid of the group in the middle and forward to the main instead then. The original way I wanted to do it would have been more cumbersome anyway.

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