How do I make a donation?


I absolutely love mail-in-a-box.
Is there any way I can make a donation?
Bitcoin preferably?
Monero (XMR) would be even better!

Don’t ever give up fighting for internet freedom!

Thank you!


It’s really not necessary, but thanks for the thought!

Your project is very good. However, this could be as simple and effective. Thank you.

If you ever setup a donation, link please let us know!

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We should figure out his address and order a crate of beer and some food for rupert :slight_smile:


I would also love to donate to this project. What do you do for a living @JoshData?

I split my time between a handful of projects/consulting related to technology, government, and civic engagement. All fun stuff. :slight_smile:


I would absolutely donate to this project. Mailinabox has saved me so much time and money. Thanks a lot for the effort anyway :smiley:

I appreciate everyone’s eagerness here. Taking donations is easy, but spending it and paying taxes on it are hard. If we had a clear plan about how to spend donations, I’d consider setting up a way to take donations, but we’re not there yet.