How do I disable backups, is there an option?

I use DigitalOcean automatic backups and I want to disable Mailinabox backups as they are filling up my 30GB HD space and are not needed.

I see that I can remove the cron job, but seems to imply that it will be reactivated on update.

How can I disable mailinabox backups permanently?

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Could you create an issue for this on the github repo so I don’t lose track? There’s no way to disable it now, but I agree there should be.

My server has 40 GB of SSD space for mail. It’s enough, but it would be nice to limit the backup, or indeed turn them off completely.

Please continue this thread here:

I hope there is some option to remove it from cron?
Which linux user’s cron should be edited?

Not sure off hand. And the cron job will be put back next time mailinabox is updated. There’s a github issue about this. It’s something I want to get fixed but haven’t had a chance yet.

We should have a quick way to disable it for time being, in case e.g. we have disk constraint and we cannot afford to have backups.
Updates will happen once in months, but this backup happens everyday.
Please suggest how to stop the backup on short term basis.

We host our own server and dont mind the daily backups. However, I didnt need the encrypted versions because the entire drive is encrypted. So we commented out the encryption process in the After a mailinabox update, the comments held.

You may be able to just comment out all the lines in