How do I delete a mailbox?

I have a mailbox:

I want to delete it. I see in Admin there is “archive” but no delete. Is it the same thing?

I never plan to bring it back so there is no need to archive it. I want to free up as much space as possible.


You simply delete the directory on the disk.

so like:

you’d delete that above directory

Once you do, the notice in the Admin area will disappear.

OK, very good.

What exactly does “archive” do? Does it erase any of the data or just compress it?

Archive I believe removes the ability of the user to login. No data is deleted until you delete the directory as above.

Thank you for the above.

Any idea why there is no ‘delete’ for a user (email box?)

There must be a reason… I’m just curious… not critical. It is no big deal to SSH into the server and: rm -r (or is it R) /xxx/xxx/xxx…

Sorry, neither of you are quite on the money. Mail is very flexible… you can delete some or all of the data and the mail programs on server and client are quite forgiving. They will rebuild indexes and recreate mailboxes if they are missing.

If you delete a mailbox directory, the next time the user references it, it will be recreated.

To delete user, first use the web interface to archive it. That basically suspends the user from accessing the account. The account is recoverable from the web UI at this point (you will see instructions in grey below the user account line). THEN, If you delete the mailbox on disk, then the account is gonzo for good.


So that no others are confused, I feel compelled to mention you have simply repeated what has been said above between @ANC and myself. Your point about deleting some or all data (indexes, etc.) is not relevant to the question that was being asked on this thread.

Would this solution posted also help restoring an email account that imported the wrong .pst file into outlook?

Archive the account, delete all of the users data internal to their directory and remove the users local profile in the mail client. Then restore the account in the web interface and import the correct .pst file in the users mail client.

It would be nice to have some of this exposed on the front end.


In the “Users” section of the MIAB front end it clearly states how to remove an email account…