How create alias for mail adressed to not exist-users in domain?

How create alias for mail adressed to not exist-user? Need get mail sent to disable or notexist user on my domain(possible redirect to admin mail or no-reply, for not lost importantly mail). Or sent auto-reply message to sender about not exist user.

That’s what aliases are, aren’t they? Mail to a nonexistent user gets forwarded to an existing one?

I’d guess it’s easiest to use Sieve filters to send an auto-reply. You can play with Roundcube’s Vacation feature to see how it’s done. (but I haven’t done it myself yet)

In case when anybody from Internet sent message to unregistered in my domain mail.

[] -> sent email to -> []

Need method for I can getting this mail.

[] -> alias to []

No, Roundcube`s auto-reply work is fine, but only registred mail in domain. Need to notify the sender that this address does not exist.

You mean a “catch all” address. You can configure it in Mail > Aliases.

Please, possible more in detail how to work this alias?


Admin control panel -> Mail -> Aliases.

Click Catch-All. Enter the domain (e.g., and the destination forward (e.g.

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