How can we add Pagination to Admin User Email List

When you have a large user database the admin page takes forever to load because it is trying to load all the accounts on 1 page which is kinda silly. How can we break this up into multiple pages?

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MiaB is an open source project. For a change like this, the options are either create a custom solution for yourself and manage your server appropriately, or you can submit a PR to the project, but no guarantees it will be added (though it seems like a reasonable change to me).

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Who can I pay to do this? Is there a dedicated team or any 3rd party devs for this? I would love for this to be a public global mod that will be released in the newest update for all to be able to use it.

Something like

$page = $_GET[“page”];
$start = 5 + 50 * ($page - 1);
$rows = 50;
$sql = “SELECT … FROM table WHERE … LIMIT $start, $rows”;


  <li><a href="page.php?page=1">Page 1</li>
  <li><a href="page.php?page=2">Page 2</li>
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For right now I just ended up removing the inclusion to the userlist until there is a real solution for the GUI

Modify file

Line 39 just remove

<h3>Existing mail users</h3>
<table id="user_table" class="table" style="width: auto">
      <th width="50%">Email Address</th>

Love how this gets moved to the unsupported Modifications. WOW , just gonna keep this a incomplete project I see. Ok whatever I tried.

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