How can I send emails with any alias as sender?


Mail-In-A-Box runs great on a VPS.
Many thanks to the makers of this wonderful software!

I have successfully managed to set up a catch-all alias that forwards all mails to any email address of my domain to my mailbox.

Now I want to be able to send via my mailbox also from any email address of my domain.

My mailbox is
I receive via catch-all a mail on in my mailbox.
I want to reply to this mail as by entering in the “FROM” field.
However, the recipient then receives an email from

How can I send as or any other alias without having to manually create a separate identity for each alias?

You can’t. Setting an identity in the email client is what controls this. Additionally, MiaB requires you to create an alias with a permitted sender (or email user) to be able to send as that user.

I have now created an alias and set myself as the permitted sender.
I have also created an additional identity via Roundcube.

Then I tried sending via Outlook 2019 (connected via ActiveSync), entered the created alias in the “From” field and sent a test email.
However, the address of my mailbox was again used as the sender instead of the alias.

Was my procedure correct?
Is sending as an alias only possible under Roundcube?
What would be the correct procedure?

I do not know as I refuse to use M$ products.

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