How can I install SSL certificates in other domains via Letsencrypt?

After sometime using MiaB I realized that I am missing (SSL) Certificates in all my other domains that are not the main domain in which I registered the box. The admin panel says No Certificate Installed and if I press the button Install certificate I am being sent below where I have to manually add a certificate. How can I automatically install these certificates in these other domains using Letsencrypt?

Running MiaB v0.26c

If MIAB is hosting a domain AND it’s web services it will automatically get the cert for you, or on the SSL page it will list all compatible domains for LE SSL.

NOTE: If you are hosting the WEB server on something other than MIAB it will NOT PROVISION SSL for the domain.

Thank you for the answer. I am indeed hosting my web services somewhere outside of MiaB, so I have to set up the certificates myself. I have no idea how I missed that. Thanks

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