How can create actual admin mailbox


Wonder if any workaround can create actual admin@ mailbox?

I have domain, for example created. And now would like to add domain When I tried to add it said
“You may not make a user account for that address because it is frequently used for domain control validation. Use an alias instead if necessary.”

Can see there is an existing alias forward to and not modifiable.

Much thanks for any idea

It looks like the name “admin” is reserved :slight_smile:

I think you normally have one (the initial domain when you installed MIAB) and use that for admin purposes on all your domains. Then for each new domain, you just start by creating a real user on that domain - all admin work being done by the one initial user.

I guess you could create a dummy user to trigger new domain creation, but that would not be an admin user and would not be called admin. (You can grant admin privileges to other users, but that’s not quite the same as being

I had exactly this problem and for many years have been using this solution:

  1. Create a user
  2. Creat an alias of
  3. In email clients use for authentication but use as the name of the mailbox in the client. The only thing seen by email recipients is
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