How and Were configure multiple website

I have configured multiple domains for mailings.
How to configure websites. that the mails are already set up in different domains.
Thank you
Croelan, Jr.

You copy the static HTML content into /home/user-data/www/SITE.

See the Web tab in the admin interface. Click the “Change” button if you want to customize the content for individual sites.

Or am I misunderstanding your question?

I am sorry. I speak very little English. :frowning:

Thank you very much Bronson, it works now.

which it is the true location of nginx ?
/etc/nginx or /home/user/mailinabox/conf/
I need configure rails with passenger.
Thank you

Can you host your Rails site on a different server? You can find descriptions on how to set up PHP on mail-in-a-box the forum. They often don’t go well, and Rails will be even harder.

Mail servers work better when they’re kept simple. : )

MIAB is really a stand alone product. Other than VERY basic stuff (CLI based simple utilities) I would heavily recommend using a second VPS/server for doing whatever you are looking to do. For example, if you are looking at doing wordpress or nextcloud, do it on another server and either forward or use a subdomain to host it (I actually do both). You can configure this of course in the DNS panel in MIAB if you have MIAB set to manage your dns, rather than your registrar.