Hostname issues attempting to provision a vps on

Im trying to setup a vps from instead of digital ocean. It seems they wont let you use any “.” “dot” in the hostname while setting up the vps.

Should i name it just “box” for the moment?
Is this gonna make things messy later on?

If you can rename it after the create, create it, then rename it before installing MIAB.

It seems they dont allow you to change the hostname after the server is created.

This guide ( says to simply edit the /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts files and then reboot.

Should i be good to run the install script after that?

This would only work if they allow you to manually set the PTR record, which is unlikely but you can ask.

The PTR record is what associates an IP address with a host name in DNS. It’s important to ensure that your MIAB PTR matches the host name for your server in DNS.

P.S. It’s worth nothing that you don’t need to name your MIAB with a subdomain. For example my MIAB server runs as the root domain (e.g.

ya for some reason gandi only lets you use alphanumeric to name the vps

i just dropped gandi as a hosting provider. Service was atrocious and their version of ubuntu 14 was so stripped and custom it hardly resembled it.

lets start a list of bad vps providers for mail in a box and put gandi at the top.

Vultr and DigitalOcean are popular around here :slight_smile:

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