Hosting MIAB on HomeServer

Hi Guys,

Ok, so I understand that this isn’t officially supported so I’m not looking for Josh to rewrite the app for my benefit lol.

I currently run an MIAB setup on DigitalOcean with no issues. With that being said, I’d like to know what I would need to do if I planned on hosting this from a home server. I understand that there will most likely be issues with the IP address given to me by my ISP but is there a forwarding service (kind of like no-ip) that I can use to reach a clean external IP?

There’s no issue matching the hardware on a homeserver, so as far as I can tell the only issue would be the IP address. Any suggestions?

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I can’t imagine there would be a free forwarding service…or if there were, one with a clean external IP. Ultimately, such a setup relies upon an undesirable IP address range: Home IP addresses are dynamic and block the ports you need to run MIAB at home. A free/cheap tunnel won’t get you a fixed IP address.

I run MIAB on a $5/mo droplet at Vultr and it’s been running strong. Totally worth the money.

I suspected as much. I wouldn’t mind paying for a dedicated IP as I’m currently spending $120 a year on that Digital Ocean droplet. I’m going to look into Vultr.

Thanks for the info.

I run MIAB at my home, but I have purchased business-class service.

works nicely as a KVM client.

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