Host series of mailboxes on domain names different from the one MIAB is installed on


I just installed the MIAB on DigitalOcean and it worked. This place has a great support too.
Now, I am interested in hosting email mailboxes for people from another domain name.
Ultimately, I want to be able to host series of mailboxes on domain names different from the one MIAB is installed on.
How do I do that ?

Read the External DNS documentation when you have time. It will help point you in the right direction.

You will need to add a MX record directing mail to your box in the DNS records of each domain added. There will also be other records that need to be added/changed. What exactly depends upon other factors, such as are the domains also hosting websites, or are they used exclusively for email. There really is no one size fits all answer to your question. It is determined by other factors. And yes, reading the External DNS documentation will help assuming that you understand that there is no one answer …

Dont forget DKIM! MX and DKIM is required for MIAB (Right? I’m not crazy in that?)


Thanks for the note! DKIM, SPF, … all those good things which will be evident by looking at the External DNS stuff!

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Thanks. Do you happen to know how to make available the option to create email addresses to a third party, like a client ?

For example, I can open email addresses for my client myself. However, I want to let the client do this himself.

Is there a way to do this via webmail or something else ?

I’d recommend against it, but here is the link to a PHP script I made to allow external registration:

It will need to be heavily modified to do what you need but it’s a start. DO NOT JUST USE IT AS IS.

Hey thanks. I downloaded and I am testing it tomorrow. Have you implemented it yourself ? How does it work ?

Hey sorry for the late response. It was implemented by myself.

It uses MIAB’s built in API to create accounts for users.