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Does MIAB provide any Hipaa compliant sending capabilities? For instance i have a customer that wants to send sensitive medical data/content over email at some point. They’re wanting to somehow send using their normal domain.com email account but use the word “secure” in the subject (just an example) which will then send the email to the recipient. When the recipient gets the email, the message will have just a Hipaa secured, password protected link to a webpage with the contents of the email they just sent. Is something like that possible? If not, does anyone know of a provider that could do something similar to this, and affordably?

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Nope. You are not going to find that in any self-hosted email package.

Here are some options:

I didn’t go through the entire list, but #3 on the list looks to be exactly what you described. It is reasonably priced at $99/year per user. I am actually going to contact them and see about becoming their reseller as I have had another inquiry such as this.

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