Help with second domain set up

Hello dears,
can someone have a clear and detailed process to set second domain mail server.
i am a bit confused about dns setup as i think the documentation is not very clear about the steps. I have mail for my already working; according to the documentation i should create ns1 and ns2 records that point to from my provider panel. after that i have created an address in MIAB panel. from this step, what are the next ones please. Do i need to set up anything else in MIAB? do i need to set anything else in the provider panel? again, i just want to set mailserver for using existing MIAB installation.
Thanks in advance for your feedback

Assuming that you are using MiaB to manage your DNS I understood you need to create glue records on domain 2 to point to the Miab just like you did with your domain 1. Miab will manage all the DNS stuff. The 2nd domain is added once a user is created for that domain.

As best practice, you should not use ns1 and ns2 together as this is not redundant.

I use free 2nd name server from Gandi but you can use if your provider does not have this service

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