Help with multi domains

i have a vps that is running my miab with all the trimmings and it is running good and has for a few months now

i own many domains,.net,.tech,.pw and would like for all of the mail for those domain to go to my miab which is running on .net domain and useing the dns system built in the miab system
i am useing .com domain to host my web site and own-cloud setup, which is on a second vps.

so i have looked at the listings that i have found here about multi domain setups but no one has ever said realy how to set them up.

So i am asking how to make this work and to teach me a little more about mail in a box

Setup an A record in “Custom DNS” for your website (sub)domain.tld poiting to your other webserver IP address.

i can do that but how to i tell dns to send all the mail for all those domains to the miab

and that domain is not in the drop down box

  1. Create your website domain in your MiaB by adding its fist email address then, your MiaB will create all your needed ‘Standard’ DNS entries automatically.
  2. Point your website domain to your MiaB NS(s) (aka and at your registrar.
  3. Add a custom DNS A record entry for your domail.tld domain pointing to your webserver IP address.
  4. Add a custom DNS entry for your www.domail.tld (sub)domain domain pointing to your webserver IP address.


  • That’s ONLY if you want to manage all your domains DNS(s) through your MiaB server.
  • DNS changes may need up to 48h to propagate worldwide.

i can’t just send the mail to the mail server i have to redo all dns stuff

for example – is the site but to the mail server

Then, as said, add custom A record for pointing (value) to your webserver IP Address.

For clarity this should state:
2. Point your name servers to your MiaB NS(s) , at your registrar. (For each domain)
(aka and

if that is the case then how would you deal with

If cloud.altbash.tld runs in your other WEB server, too then add a custom A record for cloud@bash.tld pointing (value) to your webserver IP Address.

why do i get this error with the a record

? Web has been disabled for this domain because you have set a custom DNS record.
? A redirect from ‘’ has been disabled for this domain because you have set a custom DNS record on the www subdomain.

sorry for all the questions but want to get this right to move on to add to my web site upgrades

and when i try to make which is a sub of
in the pannel to make that it would be ip/mail right

Because MiaB is expecting the A record to point to this box, but it is not. You can safely ignore this error and also the errors that will be shown in the status page.

ok now the issue with the sub domains i want to land on

You’ll have to access it as

There are some unsupported modifications to do what you want I believe … search the forum.

Personally, I just use the URL as above … of course /admin works too.

so you are saying that if in but in i can not make it reroute to automatically

Maybe this will help … and there are other methods if you search this forum carefully. Most are unsupported modifications as they will be overwritten when MiaB is updated.

This one may be better …

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