Help request - KOlab installation

Hi everyone,

can someone please tell me if this groupware supports the MIAB mailserver ? In other words can MIAB be added to this groupware suite called KOlab ?

Here is the link:

Short answer … I don’t think so. It appears as though it has its own Postfix server.

Kolab is it’s own mailserver / groupware. You cannot install it.

Aha. Thanks for this. The installation was so complicated that in the process I chose “No configuration” for the mail server. I guess it takes more time to move this mointain. I face the challenge of setting up document collaboration and groupware for 6 people with zero budget for licenses. Any suggestion ?


Take a look at SoGo. I have no idea if it will meet your needs but a lot of people that I communicate with love it. I don’t know much about it personally.

I would recommend taking a look at Cloudron, if you can swing 15/month to have more than 2 appliances installed, collabora, Nextcloud, and Email are easily configured with mouse clicks.

SOGo will take care of half the battle, but it misses the “Document collaboration” aspect of the question. Otherwise great for Contact, Calendar, and Email.