Help request - Automate copying backup to a safe location

Hi everyone,

can someone please help me and say how to automate for periodical copying of backup using SFTP (FTP over SSH) from /home/user-data/backup/encrypted to a safe location ?

Hi Anika,

In my organization I copy the contents of the encrypted folder to a different server each day with a cron job using rsync.

I have found it to be simplest to run a daily cron job on the external server running the rsync utilizing PKA.

Fortunately, I have never had to use any of these backups but it is always nice to know that they are there.

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To automate, setup one of the external backup options like S3.

Thank you so much gentlemen Alento and Murgero.
However, I am novice in server administration. Would you mind sharing the rsync script with me and explaining what is S3 external backup ?

Would you mind sharing the rsync script with me ?

It is just your standard rsync command with the proper flags in a cron job. There is no sense sharing the actual command with you as your server info and path as well as ssh port are different than mine. You’ll have to custom write the command to match with your backup servers path as well as any non-standard port usage on your MiaB server if you use one. (I always disable port 22 and use a non-standard port)

As I mentioned I use this to PULL backups from the MiaB installation. Backups PUSHED from MiaB with rsync can be enabled in the admin area. S3 backups are also set up in the admin area of MiaB, but I do not use S3 so I cannot begin to explain Amazon’s crazy structure. Perhaps @murgero can elaborate?

S3 is the best choice for non-linux users. Make an S3 account, build a bucket and configure MIAB by following the instructions in admin ui:

Hey thanks a lot for this!

I want is the right syntax to rsync files, contacts and emails to Amazon S3.
I just created the Amazon S3 account. How does the rsync syntax look like in an Ubuntu crontab, including the remote location of Amazon S3 ?

I managed to find this syntax using duplicity :

duplicity /home/me s3+http://bucketname/prefix

Does duplicity work on a network server ?
Will this work ?

MIAB has the option to backup to an S3 instance, why not use that?