HELP need to recover user's emails

I am working with a MIAB server a previous I.T “specialist” setup and configured. I am not proficient in Linux commands. Any help would be greatly appreciated. So with that being said here is what I have and what I need…

  1. MIAB server was pointing to it’s own nameservers.
  2. GoDaddy was hosting the domain and records.
  3. We pointed name servers back to GoDaddy. In return we broke the URL.
  4. I reconfigured the ethernet port to use an internal IP address for example (
  5. I can SSH, and SFTP into MIAB.
  6. I downloaded a users mailbox and don’t know how to read the data I pulled off of it.
  7. the files are as follows 1603895628.M864679P29859,box,S=677,W=6900_2 I don’t know how to read this file type…

In summary I have 3 or 4 users that need their old emails off this server and I just need a way to export them into a PST file or anything really that won’t take 20 years to do.

Please assist.

Your friendly I.T guy ~Nick

I’d think you have two options:

  1. Since the server is working, then, use IMAP to download the emails (e.g., you log in or have user log in to the server and download messages).
  2. The mailboxes are stored in the “Maildir” format. You may be able to find a program that can convert the Maildir format to Outlook PST or another format.

Option #1 may be the easiest option since you could have the users login and download the messages they want.

Thanks for the info. How would a user log in if the domain is broken? Would I need a local email client and configure imap.?

I’ll have to check and see if I can find a file converter. Thanks again!

Considering if you have some emails on a broken domain (e.g. domain no longer exist, or no longer have access to it), you can try moving the mails.

Note: this is not a recommended solution for the long run, and i do not know what’s the risk of it. But since you have no choice, you can try at your own risk.

Your old mails which are no longer accessible (broken domain) are located at /home/user-data/mail/old_and_broken_domain/user_name/cur/ folder.

If you do sudo ls -la /home/user-data/mail/old_domain/user_name/cur/ you can see alot of files like this,S=8155,W=8300

You can create a temporary email address e.g. then you can copy all the files over to /home/user-data/mail/ directory with sudo cp.

You can log on to your and you should see all the emails which you can try forwarding the important ones to the people who need it.

make sure you chmod mail:mail to all the mails in your temp email directory, else you will not be able to login to the temp email account.

I have tried the above method and I can see the “moved” mail in my destination email account. However, I do not know whether this will screw up the sync the email server, as I personally feel moving mails like this are risky, though they are basically text files.

Or he could simply access the MiaB using the local IP. No muss, no fuss.

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