(Help) How to configure multi ips and where to buy atlest 6 ips?

I want to know how to setup multiple ips server for better bulk email and proper rdns setup like this type od server anyone know about it please answer me …

Link: https://www.digitalaka.com/smtp-usd-pricing/

How does this help for better bulk email?

  1. It won’t give you a fatter pipe – Your outbound mail won’t go any faster on your one server.
  2. It won’t improve your IP address reputation. Your IP address(es) will either have a good reputation or a bad reputation depending on what you do.

If you want to do heavy duty marketing, I suggest you go with a strong provider such as Mailchimp or Sendgrid.

Totally agree. This is a mailserver for little companies or personal use, for bulkemail try paid services.

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