Help figuring out DNS

I have looked on this site and tried all solutions to my problem but no solutions have worked. I am trying to run email through mail in a box and host the actual site on a different hosting provider. I have tried variation in A records and get nothing in the browser. Here is what I have after deleting 5 times or more.

Domain Name Record Type Value A [delete]
* A [delete]

Where is my mistake. The current domain name is, the one of the any I am going to change. Any ideas please help.


Oh the mail portion works great! is not a valid ip to use (I believe you tried to type

The records you need to change for web only:

for & (do NOT wild card or it will overwrite all dns requests!!) and only do A records for web.

Yes the ip was a typo sorry about that. I tried but the miab gives a message about it being a sub domain. Should I ignore that?

Yea just make 2 A custom A records for and

Thanks for your help. I actually had my ip’s mixed up but, doing the above with the correct ip works great thanks.

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