Having trouble sending mail to Yahoo users

Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender

5.7.2 [TSS09] All messages from will be permanently
deferred; Retrying will NOT succeed. See

553 Error, what steps need to be taken so that yahoo users can get sent mail?

Follow the link in the bounce message and jump through the hoops that Yahoo wants you to jump through.

  • Don’t resend until you check your subscription practices and lists to make sure emails are only sent to recipients that have requested them.
  • If you’re an administrator for message content or mailing policy and you’ve made significant changes, or you’ve received this error for more than 48 hours, we ask that you review your outgoing emails for objectionable content or practices. Review our best practices for senders to learn how you can help your emails reach Yahoo Mail.
  • If you’re not the administrator of the mail server in question , we suggest you contact the administrator.

they are not telling me to do anything?

Keep following links …

basically they want you to quit spamming … are you sending bulk email? If so have you checked all the things on the recommended list, and signed up for their Complaint Feedback Loop Program? PM me your box hostname if you’d like me to look at what may be the cause.

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I am not sending but 10 emails sent I set mailinthebox. it would not let me direct message u

Ok, part of your problem is that you have not set things such as DKIM in your DNS at NameCheap. You need to enter the entries on the External DNS page. That or allow MiaB to host DNS for your domain.

I want to use Namecheap DNS, I created a ns1.box.firstsightmedia.com, also box.firstsightmedia.com/admin works perfectly. I went an put all the entries from the external dns in the Namecheap server

Created what, where?

a entry at Namecheap, (External DNS) I created all the skim records for box.firstsightmedia.com and firstsightmedia.com at Namecheap

The records are still coming up as not found … so I guess we wait.

You entered all the required and recommended records? DKIM, DMARC, SPF, etc?

Creating an A record in NameCheap’s DNS for ns1.box.firstsightmedia.com does nothing - what were you hoping to accomplish with it?

I created a glue record for [ns1.box.firstsightmedia.com] not an A Record, per Namecheap instructions. Yes I created 8 text records for DKIM, DMARC, SPF, etc?

Ok, well then there is some confusion. WHOIS shows that the NameCheap servers are providing DNS for your domain. You even said that you wanted to use NameCheap’s DNS. So if you want to use the MiaB for the DNS, then you need to change the name servers at NameCheap to ns1.box.firstsightmedia.com and ns2.box.firstsightmedia.com. And add the glue for ns2 if you have not.

I do not want to use miaB for DNS

OK, thanks for clarifying. In that case, remove the glue records. Your SPF and DKIM still are not being reported by NameCheaps DNS. Until tomorrow.

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Now I see that your DNS has a second MX record which needs to be removed. The MX record for your domain is box.firstsightmedia.com so the MX record for firstsightmedia.com needs to be removed.

There is still no sign of any other records in DNS relating to email. I have dealt with NameCheap’s DNS in the past and from my experience it is horrible. I have never been able to set a record correctly in their DNS as they have specific ways that they want them entered which is not generally overly intuitive. I have always asked them to set the records. Perhaps it is time to contact support for some help setting these records.

I just used https://www.whatsmydns.net/#A/firstsightmedia.com, and my a, name, txt records are not showing, I will call them now

I see that you are now publishing DKIM and SPF records in DNS … I presume that the call to NameCheap resolved the issue. Will you please share what the issue was to potentially help others in the future.

Also, now that you are publishing DKIM and SPF (and I assume DMARC records) has your deliverability situation improved yet?


Using Namecheap External DNS:

Namecheap appends the naked domain to txt entries. So in the provided DNS admin, when you create the host name DO NOT add the naked domain to the HOST form entry, like in my example .ie firstsightmedia.com

example host entries

Thanks for sharing as it may help someone down the road who uses NameCheap for DNS. Their documentation is not overly clear and this is an example of that.

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