Having problems with MAIB installation

Hey guys, for the past couple days I’ve been trying to install MAIB and all of those times were a complete fail. I keep getting stuck here. I’ll be honest, I really barely know anything about Ubuntu, but it would be great to fix this:D

Do you have a public IPV6?
What VPS?

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Hi, I don’t think I have IPV6. Redfoxcloud, it is located in Lithuania where I am and it was the cheapest one.

Most likely your issue is due to the lack of IPV6. If you search the forum you will find multiple threads on this.

I run my MIAB with IPv4 only. So please don’t get the idea that you need IPv6 by any means!

I can’t help a whole lot right now as I’m typing on my mobile. But I would suggest wiping the VPS with a fresh install of Ubuntu 22.04. Ensure you follow any prerequisite steps. Including “apt update && apt dist-upgrade” before installing.

I can already see from your shell that your VPS hostname isn’t set.

Your hostname should be something like box.orbix.lol and as such, your shell would read:


If you type “hostname” it should reflect such. That’s just one slight thing I noticed.

But without having looked in to this apparent issue that others might be having too, I still find it odd that the installer kills itself without output after the random number generator step.

Could you at least check/post logs from the installer before wiping? This will help us give you/yourself some direction :slight_smile: Usually in /var/log. But again do a search engine for “mailinabox installer logs” to see if it’s dumping install logs in another location also. Like the home directory or something. Sorry I can’t be specific right now. But at least this is something.