Have more than 1 roundcube open at a time?

Does anyone know if it is possible to have more than one Roundcube window open… i.e. watching two different mail boxes.

If so, how?


What about using 2 different browsers … one each?

I had not thought of that. Obviously Roundcube would not be used for someone wanting to keep several mail boxes open at the same time but only had one or two browsers. I assume you could keep several Gmail windows open at same time? (I don’t use Gmail.)

Perhaps there is a better/different webmail solution that will work with MIAB?

You could try using Rainloop on a different web server or through owncloud or Nextcloud as an app. there and config. some accounts but, you will need to config. each account there manually … Other easy option is using a Thunderbird Portable instance locally that will allow you to config / access all your accounts at once.

Thanks for this info. I looked at Rainloop and decided I did not like messing with the internals of MIAB (i.e. OwnCloud). I can live with RoundCube. One day there will be some kind of workaround for this limitation, perhaps their own app. I don’t use Gmail. Can it have more than one mailbox open at a time?