Has anyone got DNSSEC working with Namesilo?

Hi, I am no IT professional, but was able to set up Mailinabox and it is running fine! I know DNSSEC is not essential but to make the setup perfect (and to learn more) I would like to add it.

I bought this .eu domain at Namesilo and let mailinabox manage the Nameserver / DNS.
So now I wonder: Has anyone got DNSSEC working with Namesilo? Or shall I move the domain to another provider?

I remember I tried to add the DNSSEC info according to the mailinabox web-admin and received an error message. I remember it was not obvious where to enter what. Now when I wanted to try again, I just receive 404 page not found error. This 404 error does not show up with other domains I have at Namesilo.

Maybe it has something to do with this information by Namesilo?

We do not provide support for the configuration of third-party name servers and your domain will stop resolving correctly if your name servers are not configured correctly when associating DNSSEC resource records.

Thanks for your help

That is just a disclaimer stating that if you screw things up, don’t call them.

If you are not using glue records and the DNS server with MiaB, then you will not be able to use the MiaB DNSSEC feature.

@alento or perhaps others can help you more with NameSilo.

Thanks! DNS is handled by MiaB, and according to the status page “Nameserver glue records are correct at registrar”

You should be configuring a ds record for the domain.

What about these instructions doesn’t seem the same for you? (Sorry, I don’t have any domains with NameSilo, so I don’t know that the interface actually looks like.)

  1. Go to the Domain Manager page within your account
  2. Click the applicable domain name (it will be underlined in black)
  3. Click the icon/link associated with the “DS Records (DNSSEC)” label.

That’s what I have already done some weeks ago without success. When I click on the link for DS Records now I get a 404 page not found error. Maybe this is because they are updating their website, so if I click this link for a different domain I don’t get this error but this here:


If we assume the 404 error is temporary, is there something one should know? There is no way to add the public key for example

Key Tag: 28149

Key Flags: KSK

Algorithm: 7 / RSASHA1-NSEC3-SHA1

Digest Type: 2 / SHA-256

Digest: fxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Public Key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx etc

Bulk/Record Format:

domain.eu. 3600 IN DS 28149 7 2 fxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

To me, that does sound like a NameSilo support issue.

According to ICANN, the .eu TLD supports DNSSSEC:


I suspect that the digest is simply the public key that has been encrypted with the SHA-256 algorithm, meaning you need either the public key or the digest and digest type. (Similar to the way PGP keys and “fingerprints” work.)

It looks to me that all the fields are self explanatory. Please note that not ALL fields presented by MiaB need be entered depending on the domain registrar. So enter the 4 fields shown … but first reach out to NameSilo support about the 404 issue you are having. They’ll need to fix that first.

So far no answer from Namesilo.

But I have another question regarding DNSSEC: Is it the domain name of the box that needs DNSSEC or is it sufficiant that other domains handled by MIAB have DNSSEC?
(I have just set up DNSSEC for a new domain at a different registrar)

How are you trying to contact them? I find that their online support chat handles most issues immediately.

If you’re using DNSSEC, both. If so desired, that is. Of course this is dependent upon the fact that the MiaB server is handling DNS for the domain. If just the domains MX records are pointed

Minimally, the domain of the box, itself (e.g., your name server domain).

This would require some clarification. By “handle”, do you mean MiaB is the DNS server for the domain, or is MiaB merely an mx record entry?

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Good catch! @openletter

I used the contact form. I will try the support chat, then. Thanks so much for so fast answers here.

I have a bit weird set up as first only made a test installation for learning purposes. The main domain.com DNS is handled by Namesilo, so I would need to change that in order to use DNSSEC

I mean, MiaB is the DNS server for the domain. Sorry for being not clear enough, still a lot I have to learn., thanks for your patience

Sounds like you understand things perfectly. Not everyone does, so this is refreshing. :slight_smile:

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