Happy 1st Birthday, Mail-in-a-Box

So, I saw that @JoshData had joined this forum on the 9th of July last year (a bit creepy, I would agree), so that means we completely missed the first birthday of Mail-in-a-Box!

So, happy birthday, Mail-in-a-Box and thanks to @JoshData!!!

(I’d be really embarrassed if this post gets no replies)

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:sparkles: Congratulations! :sparkles:

Thank you.

It’s actually approaching the second birthday. The first commit to the github repository was on Aug 20, 2013. The first tagged release was Aug 19, 2014.

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Oh wow! thats some dedication.

I do hope you can continue to support this, especially now that you have been getting some traction.

Happy 2nd!

Thanks for the hard work!
Have a great weekend!

Oh wow. I am happy to be a part. All the best!