Handling incoming mail through alternative MX

Hi all,

I’d like to set up MIAB as an outbound relay for mail, but receive mail through Google Apps servers. Incoming mail from third parties works fine, as it’s seeing the MX records for Google. But when I CC an internal user and send through the MIAB SMTP relay, it goes directly to the MIAB internal mailbox in question. Presumably postfix isn’t set up to honor the true MX and is just assuming that if it’s sending to a domain it’s allowed to send from, it should route directly to the internal mailbox. The same is true of bounce notifications. Is there any way to get it to route internal mails and bounces/deferral failures to the MX record?

If this can all be set through postfix configs, is there a good tutorial for this, and a way to avoid having it overwritten by MIAB upgrades?

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