[gratitude offtopic] Created a project using MiaB as inspiration

Hey Josh / Alento and MiaB community,

I came across this turnkey solution about 2 months ago and it blew me away. I tested it for about 2 or 3 weeks trying to see what I could and couldn’t do and settled for a buddyns.com secondary service but not using vanity nameservers. Thank you thank you thank you for allowing me to have freedom from mail providers.

So i contribute to the komodo blockchain project mainly these days, and decided to create an adaptation of MiaB for komodo, calling it cakeshop-in-a-box. Early days - https://github.com/Komodo-Cakeshop/cakeshopinabox but v.happy with the foundations and practices i’ve been able to borrow.


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What’s the origin of the name Cakeshop?

Thanks for question - It started off as a Vue/Vuetify + web RPC proof of concept (github). “Cakeshop” was the name of the equivalent JPMorgan tool for testing Ethereum that proved to be an itch worth scratching. We all have some loathe towards investment banks i’m presuming, this case was a tech demo of theirs that i lifted the name from.

At the time, the core devs of Komodo had (and still do) have a lot of low-level work going on. To expose the blockchain functions to web developers, it needed an API wrapper which i thought was worthy of some kind of implementation (same repo, in component dir).

The way you built the system installation based around dialog and setup/functions.sh makes really easy for extending/customizing. I’m having a bit of trouble with input_menu atm, but that’s probably a late night thing I’ll get over today.

I can imagine modding MiaB, like I did with cakeshop, to be useful to cryptpad.fr or blockstack’s dApp catalogue.