Google and Yahoo to require email authentication

It would seem that this project has this handled already, but for people doing their own DNS manually for their domains it might be a good idea to go back though and verify things.

Just wanted to point that out.

This is preposterous and quite subjective. If any Google, Yahoo, Apple recipient reports 3 out of 1000 messages as spam your IP will be blocked. What the hell. Is that realistic according to the Proofpoint article. And it seems they will block you arbitrarily for as long as they feel like. Especially us who host our own servers because we don’t pay them to host our emails.

This is a quote from the article:

  1. Low spam rates. If recipients report your messages as SPAM at a rate that exceeds the new 0.3% requirement (ideally targeting 0.1% spam rates, or 1 in 1,000 messages delivered marked as spam), your messages could be blocked or sent directly to a Spam folder.

They also define all our messages as commercial while many of us use own domains for personal and transactional messages for security reasons. Read this:

Yeah I dont know. I thought it was a bit alarming but then there was no comments in this forum for a few days and I thought maybe I was the only one that felt that way.

Doing email yourself becomes harder and harder as big tech companies try to push out the little guys.

The reason I’m using MiaB is not because its “free” (I do host my own servers on business class ISP) the servers and fiber internet connection is very expensive. I host mainly because my data is “my data” its not the hosting companies data, miss a payment and they delete all your stuff, privacy, etc, etc.

Anyways problem is probably only going to get worse because people wont turn away from the big tech, they will head straight for it and I’m not sure why at the prices below:

Google is nearly $6 per user per month. (and they will work you up to $12 per user per month)

Microsoft is $4 per user per month with the “Exchange Online - Plan 1”

Rackspace email is $2.99 per user per month

Cheapest I can actually find is “” for “$2.50” but its really not clear how their pricing works at all.