Gmail messages fetch

How do I add the “receive emails from Gmail” button in the interface?

If you want to receive all Gmail messages in your MIAB account, you can simply configure gmail for that (including keeping a copy on :

I need 2 inputs - gmail username and gmail password in settengs for everyone users.
Each user configures their data to receive emails. The point is not to go to another site

Tupical, aggregating/centralising other mail services is NOT the use case for MIAB, which is about running an independent, secure, mail server for a domain you own.

Of course that does not mean that it cannot be done, but you would have to build that yourself:

  1. Add text boxes to the web interface
  2. Store username and password somewhere securely
  3. Have a daemon (for instance Fetchmail) connecting to other mailservers like Gmail
  4. Receive incoming email over pull/push
  5. Deliver this to the user mailboxes.

But even then, if you also want users on MIAB to send email out for that Gmail account, you will have to deal with Gmail SMTP servers settings. Sounds all trivial, but takes work to do all this well. But feel free to branch and develop this! Who knows it may end up upstream if Josh agrees it is a must-have.

I thought so. The question is how to add fields to the interface, I do not understand the logic of the work.
There is no documentation …

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