Gmail keeps spamming my emails

For some reason Google keeps spamming all my emails. I checked with Apple and I can send emails fine to there servers, so at the moment, I’m narrowing it down to Google. I installed an SSL key on my ‘box’ sub-domain and that didn’t help, much. I’m using a DigitalOcean to host my server with a free sub=domain forwarded from a free DNS hoster, The only reason I can come up with is me not using a legit domain. Gmail is a very popular Email service, so I can’t continue if I can’t find a solution.

On this “free” subdomain, is the DNS correctly configured with your SPF and DKIM records? If not there is your problem.

Would help if you could provide the hostname.

The hostname is

So, I don’t have the ability to configure my SPF or DKIM records on this host. There website is here:

When I try to change the DNS records on my VPS, nothing happens, as well. I understand how much easier this would be if I only had a real domain, but unfortunately that’s not possible, at the moment. So, to work around that I’m searching for other ways to do this without the cost of a domain.

That is your problem then unfortunately, there is no way for Gmail (or any other email server) to verify that your server is authorised to send emails for the subdomain you are using, because there are no SPF, or DKIM records specified. Right now, I can send emails from your domain that are just as trusted as the ones you are attempting to send.

Furthermore, I can’t even see an MX record for that subdomain - I hope you realise that this means ANY emails being sent to emails on your box will not be recieved because nobody has any idea what server handles the email for that domain.

I’m doing one good deed a month, so I have just purchased the domain Register for an account on NameCheap and let me know your username. I will push the domain over into your ownership. You can then use their free DNS to set your needed records.

The only issue you will have is with getting a new SSL certificate, that I can’t help with.

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Wow, that’s incredibly nice of you. I really appreciate that. I’ll PM you my details. Thanks again, my friend.

Hi mate,

Please I hope you can help me with resolving this issue. I bought a domain name from another registrar. After successfully setting up my mail box, I wanted to use the main url as a webpage so I bought a hosting account from Namecheap. However, setting up the custom DNS has been as issue as Namecheap IP address doesn’t work. I tried copying all Records from the hosting account to the custom DNS but I later got redirected to Namecheap CGI url.

Please help.

Thank you.

Hi all,

I’m running into a similar problem. Have just set up a MIAB on a VPS. IP checks as clean (no blacklist), and I’ve configured SPF and DKIM records on the DNS. Only out-of-the-ordinary setup is that I’m using mail.[domainname].com instead of box.[miab].com for records, but I’ve made sure the DNS records are reflecting that. I’ve used to test and it comes up squeaky clean, but I’m still having issues of having mail going to the SPAM folder for GMail users.

Anything else I can check on?