Gmail Block List Unsolicited Mail

“My IP is in a range that is completely infested with spammers that are spoofing Proofpoint, and my IP’s sending pattern apparently was erratic enough to have been put in with the spammers by Gmail.” I am on OCI cloud Oracle. Of course this is an IPv4 address. I wrote Gmail Help to delist me and now my ticket is in progress for a week now. Gmail’s listing started triggering some Spamhaus filter rules and they started listing , but after some 4 delistings the support person was kind enough to tell me the above quote and that the entire range was filtered. However he was kind enough to also protect my IP not to be listed by Spamhaus anymore, as triggered by this gmail rule and now I am no longer being listed on Spamhaus. Please advise. Does this make any sense. Will gmail ever delist me (it says in the verification email do not reapply for delisting at least for 2 weeks for any changes to take effect, IF ANY??) or should I go ahead and change my IPV4 or you think gmail will delist me after some period. Now I am sending to gmail only via IPV6 and the messages do get through but IPV4 is important for everybody else. I delisted myself from MSN and Hotmail. Proton, icloud and yandex seem ambivalent by this event. The error message I get is:
said: 550-5.7.1 [XXXXXXXX 12] Gmail has detected that this
message is likely 550-5.7.1 unsolicited mail. To reduce the amount of spam
sent to Gmail, this 550-5.7.1 message has been blocked. For more
information, go to 550 5.7.1

This started happening after I received this from Sendgrid (I was their subscriber and they keep sending me newsletters) Gmail and Yahoo’s New Sender Requirements: A Closer Look | Twilio SendGrid and it dawned on me that I might be one of gmails guinea pigs because they hate selfhosted SMTPs (small businesses or hobbyists). I read somewhere in that article that they and Yahoo will start bouncing 25% of emails by April which are not in line with these stricter conditions. There is also a definition somewhere in that article about a court ruling regarding what constitutes transactional and commercial email message. It seems they consider all self hosted own domains as senders of commercial messages (otherwise you would not get flagged as sending unsolicited mail). I am using the domain for personal, direct and a few transactional messages.

Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks

Seems that Oracle knows about this but like Digital Ocean, they keep all ports open in the beginning and have lots of accounts that fall under this exemption.

Which means lots of spammers coming from their IP ranges.

Might be time to move to a VPS that didnt have things open initially and made it a bit harder to require the exception. I can report good things from Vultr, but it does take a bit to get things situated with them.