Getting Z-Push to use an identity

I noticed that if I have my iPhone set up with my account using the Exchange/ActiveSync settings, that when I send an email, it shows up in the recipients inbox as being from "" rather than “First LastName”.

When sending mail via Roundcube, it appears to be using the identity you set up in Roundcube and so shows up as “First LastName”.

I’m not really familiar with Z-Push, so I’m wondering is there a way for it to use the identity you have set up so it shows up as a name in the recipients inbox rather than just the email address?

Is this definitely not configurable on the phone? (I don’t have an iPhone to test.)

No. Not when using the Exchange/ActiveSync account type. I assume it gets the information from the “Exchange” server.
When you set up a normal IMAP email account you do get the option to change the display name.
Quite frustrating.

I found this on the Z-Push/Zarafa forums which on the surface seems to say that you can only choose from three options for the sender name: username, domain, or @domain. None of which really help.

I also found this when doing a general search on the subject. In the poster’s points he is making some custom modifications to the z-push config and web server config files to display the From Name correctly.

I’ll give it a try to see if it has the desired results. If it does, it would be good if we could incorporate the changes into the official MIAB as I’d probably have to do the same every time there’s an update. I’ll post an update when I’ve given it a try.

I thought iOS didn’t support IMAP? If support for IMAP is growing, then there’s hope we might drop Z-Push entirely…

The hard part about this is that we don’t have anywhere to store user identifies and don’t have an easy way for users to update their identity. So it’s more than hacking Z-Push.

… Also, this is where it would need to be fixed. Rather than modifying Z-Push code, it looks like it is possible to configure it to query an SQL database with the information.

iOS does support IMAP, though not very well I’ve found.
So far, Z-Push has been near-perfect on iOS, much better than IMAP. If the “From” can be set to use an SQL database as you’ve found there, it will be spot on.
I’m not great with SQL, but I’m aware that MIAB uses SQLlite. How straight forward would it to be to get it hold the identity associated with each account and get z-push to pick it up from there?

Yes, I know, a very old post. But any updates on this?

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