Get verified by Gmail

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cansomeone please help and say how to do this:

Verify your ownership of

1. Add the TXT to the DNS configuration for

TXT record:


2. Click Verify

When Google finds the DNS record that you have added, we will verify your ownership of the domain. To stay verified, do not remove the DNS record, even after the verification succeeds. (DNS changes may take some time and if we do not find the record immediately, we will check for it periodically.)

Having trouble? Try Adding a CNAME record as an alternate option.

Note: On successful verification, your account will also have access to the domain’s data on Google Search Console.

HI @anikasingh201611

You need to create a TXT record in your DNS.

Go to the MiaB admin area at:

Click on System > Custom DNS

Leave the subdomain box empty,
Change the dropdown to TXT
enter google-site-verification=jpJL-EBh-Utzc5akSPZJxi into the value field.

Click Set Record then wait a minute or two. Go back to Postmaster Tools and click the Verify button for your domain. Your domain should then verify with Goofle Postmaster Tools.

Let me know if you have any questions. :slight_smile:

Great! Thanks so much. Can you please help me do this for Microsoft -, ?

M$ SUCKS!!! Have you joined their JMRP?

The signup link is part way down that page under ‘ISP Solutions’.


Please note that your IP address is listed on 2 blacklists. You will want to take steps to remedy these issues.

You do not need to register for MXToolbox. Simply x out of the registration page and information will be shown. The RATs blacklist should clear up on its own as you have set rDNS. The Barracuda blacklist you will need to request to be unlisted at by following the link for Removal Request.

Thanks! I removed my IP address from both.

I mean I submitted the request

Quicker than I could type!!! :slight_smile:

I have a practical question : I want to avoid my email blocked by Microsoft for sending to 10 recipients.

Do you happen to know simple mass mail solution (open source) ?

All I want is templates and lists and press the button for the message to be delivered to each recipient separately.

The owner of an ESP told me that he likes Mailtrain. The old standard is Mailman. Another I have heard of is Sendy.

Softaculous includes a few different mail list options on this list:

I can host any of the Softaculous options for you if needed.

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