Fully redundant Mail-in-a-box server. Is it Possible?

Hi Josh,

Is it possible for mailinabox to have somekind of HA or backup email server that can sync up their database? so that we could have exact same functionality and mailboxes even when primary server down and secondary server takes over.
any idea would be great.
many thanks

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People ask questions like this a lot and I don’t know what “is it possible” means.

Does Mail-in-a-Box do it now? No.

What would it take to make your Mail-in-a-Box do it? I don’t give general system administration advice and discourage discussion of that sort of thing here. You could ask on Server Fault or a forum for maintaining servers.

How hard would it be to add it to Mail-in-a-Box for everyone? I don’t know. This question can take hours to research to get a real answer. But basically every change is hard and results in years of bug fixes.

Is it something I plan to work on? No.

Would I merge a pull request to make Mail-in-a-Box do it? Possibly, depending on how disruptive the changes are to the existing setup, which of course I don’t know until I see it.

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Thank you for your response josh

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