Fresh Install of Mail In A Box - Cannot Send or Receive Email

I performed a fresh install of Mail In A Box using the following configuration:

  1. Domain name purchased from GoDaddy
  2. Hosting on Digital Ocean

I completed the steps in the entire setup and configuration. The problem is that I can only send/receive emails using the one user I created during the setup (for example:

When I use this mailbox to send to my other mailbox or send email from my other mailbox to my Mail In A Box email address, I do not get any emails. I’ve done the steps of checking status page which shows everything as green except the SSH, re-installed Mail In A Box, rebooted the server and I still cannot get it work. The domain resolves correctly and I can ping it including accessing my control panel using the domain name. I just cannot send or receive external emails.

I also checked and confirmed using MxTools that I am not blacklisted. Everything looks correct using these tools.

Any help is much appreciated.


It takes a while for DNS to propagate. I can be more than 24 hours.

Can you run ``tail -f /var/log/mail.log``` while sending an email to your box?

Thanks! I think was the time factor!