Fresh install - Can login to webmail but not admin?


I love the idea of Mail-in-a-Box, But I am having trouble setting up the software.
After I set my password and other config options (Using default for the hostname ex: and I am unable to login to the admin panel of the server. I can reach it, I put in my login details and it says “Invalid username or password” but I can login to webmail using the same username and password.

Is this a known bug or something?

Also noticed this error during installation: “stty: standard input: Invalid argument” Which is displayed after password and alias setup. just before it outputs “https://x.x.x.x/admin

My current setup:
Private VPS with digitalocean
Ubuntu 14.04.1 with the latest updates (apt-get update, apt-get upgrade) But not dist-upgrade.
Fresh Mail-in-a-Box install, no migrated data.
Reverse DNS is setup, GoDaddy hosted DNS., self-hosted site w/MIAB

Any ideas?

Thank you so much in advanced!

Nevermind, Control Panel for MIAB is NOT compatible with IE10+

Found a bug, while in internet explorer, I can VIEW and POTENTIALLY MODIFY users when NOT AUTHENTICATED through the admin PANEL.

Hello. Can you write down the exact steps to reproduce the problem? Including version the of IE you’re using.

I have found the issue doing the following:
Windows 8.1 enterprise
IE 10 & 11

  1. Make sure you are logged off.
  2. Attempt to view mail -> users

I was able to do this.
Note: other pages when selected would redirect to login screen.

Another note: I was not able to edit the users or add users, but the error message I got after attempting to edit suggests a MITM attack could get me access as well as brute forcing POST data to attempt to login. I am also unsure of this. Figured I’d post this to help out with bug fixing.

I am running latest MIAB.

I have not tried to clear my browser cache which may be the culprit. I will do this again when I get into the office in the morning.

Let me know if you can reporduce. I’d like to see if this is just an issue on my end.

Thanks. I am pretty sure this is just cached info.

The next update of Mail-in-a-Box should have this corrected by preventing caching of these requests.

Cache has deleted and the problem is gone.

One thing to note is that in IE it still flickers, for maybe half a second, the user/email data page.

Yeah it’s like that on all browsers.

Hello Josh,

Would it be possible to hide the navbar on the admin login page for visitors that are not logged in ?

Those visitors are still able to view some pages (like instructions and some of the content of others) and showing them the entire admin menu may not be appropriate… What is your though on that ?


Yes please submit a PR if you can.