Forwarding website to facebook

I was wondering I have my mail-in-a-box doing my nameserver how can I forward my main domain and the www to my facebook page. When I had godaddy being my nameserver I just clicked on forward and they had it as a choice. I can make a cname for www but how do I get the url with no prefix to go to my facebook page.

Thank you

CNAMES are for FQDN’s only, NOT FOR URLS.

Do this instead:


        <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=''" />

alright I can do that the problem I have how do I transfer files from a windows computer a miab. I have it setup as a server in my home because I have a business internet account here with a static ip. I cannot seem to find a way to access it with filezilla or winscp everything I seem to try I get access denied when I use ssh I just do sudo and put my password in again and it does it. Could you tell me to best way to pass files back and forth from windows to this box. I will admit I am not a linux guy so I would need step by step instructions to do this.

Also if it helps I connect to the server with a key file when I connect ssh.

Thank you

Use WinSCP or Filezilla for SFTP the files up.

For filezilla, use:

Host: s
Username: root (if allowed) or your SSH user
Password: (duh? :wink: )
Port: 22

Then upload to /home/user-data/www/

If you get a permissions issue, upload to /home/yourUsername/ then copy it from there to the user-data folder above using sudo.


Also if it helps I connect to the server with a key file when I connect ssh.

If using a key file, you need to configure Filezilla to use it (Quickbar in FZ does not support keys!) Also it must be in Putty format!

Notice my image, it;s in site manager, select SFTP, then select Key File for logon type.


Or f*ck all that and just login via putty (SSH) and do:

sudo nano /home/user-data/www/ and manually type the few lines, then save and close.