Forwarding (Really Resending)


I need to be able to receive messages to a mailbox and then send those messages on to another address but the message has to come from my mailbox.

Mailbox =
Originator = sends an email to
Final Destination = however the sender needs to be

Forward and Redirect in MIAB Roundcube both keep the original sender. Is there an option to have it not keep the original sender? or some other super secret way to do this?


That’s exactly how it was made to work.

Maybe share your purpose? There are other ways to do it like piping it to sendgrid, they can forward your mail to a web hook, which your serverless function can forward the email back to your inbox… it is a very silly method though but it will work.

I am not seeing it change the sender. When the email arrives at the final destination it still has the originator.

The use case we have a support ticketing system that assigns tickets by using the from email address. Using something like Uptime Robot we have UR send an email to a miab address and we want to forward that message using the miab mailbox as the from address. So when our ticket system gets the email it will see it as from the miab mailbox and route it properly.

I am not seeing it change the sender. When the email arrives at the final destination it still has the originator.

This is how it’s suppose to work.

Your use case, requires the use of an middleman (to check and re-send a email) and Roundcube is not one of them.

You need to explore the sendgrid option I recommend above, and then get a script to resend the email to your support ticket system. OR, get your support system to recognise UR email address (which seems to be the most straightforward way).

  1. Signup Send Grid.
  2. Sign UP google serverless functions
  3. Create serverless function with node mail ( example of how to send a email using serverless functions -> )
  4. Input your google serverless URL into Sendgrid Parse Incoming Mail options.

Viola, your email gets re-sent.

Another option is to pipe the email using /etc/aliases in a normal postfix setup but I haven’t gotten it to work in mailinabox.

Use roundcube filter, but use “Send Notification” instead. And use filtering rules to detect e.g. “Server Up” or “Server Down”, and send a simple email to your destination.

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