Forwarding mails instantly from MiaB to Gmail accounts

Hi everyone. I’m new to MiaB and installed v56 on a new VM running Ubuntu 18.
I have set up everything - with help from other forum members, so thanks! - and incoming and outgoing emails are working. Outgoing mails have a 10/10 score on mail-tester, so that’s good.

The next step is to create mail accounts for various domains that can send and receive mails. That requires some DNS changes for those domains to enable SPF, DKIM, DMARC and change the MX record. That’s not a problem.

The issue however, is that I want user accounts that can be integrated in existing Gmail accounts which already contains a bit of history for multiple domains. The only way to accomplish this is using POP3 with TLS/SSL in Gmail to ‘import’ mail from the server if I’m not mistaking. And to configure a secure SMTP connection that Gmail uses to send mail. Both of them are working properly right now.

But because it is POP3, Gmail is not up-to-date when it comes to new mails, but requires user-action to refresh or their basic interval which can be quite long.
At other hosting providers, I have created a mail account for sending and receiving (which both were configured in Gmail), but also created a forwarder to remove the waiting time for incoming mails.

How can I configure this in MiaB to connect it to Gmail and ‘instantly’ (without user interaction) get notified when there are new mails available without the hour-long delay in Gmail?

Thanks in advance!

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