Forward Domain to Different Site

How do I make the domain that I attached to my MIAB to forward to another domain? For ex. when someone types (miab domain) . com it goes to (example domain) . com instead of the " this is a mail-in-a-box" page.

This is probably a very elementary question but I haven’t been able to figure it out on my own searching through the forum. Thanks for all your help.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean. Do you have an existing website somewhere else hosted on the internet? Or do you plan on hosting a website on “the box” and need help with how to set that up?

I have a wordpress site that exists elsewhere. I just want it to forward to that site whenever someone searches (my MIAB domain) . com

thanks for your reply!

did you setup MiaB with Glue Records?

if so, you would need to setup a custom A record
Go to admin panel, System Menu, Custom DNS.

Then put www in the first box and put the IP of your host in the “value” spot Click Set Record

Note: this maybe take a while to propagate on the internet

so I would take the IP from my provider (ionos) for my site and past it like so in the custom DNS?

should i add the ipv6 as well?

wouldn’t let me post multiple pics in the same reply so here is the second.

yep… think so, Honestly there is really nothing that secretive about an IP address, not sure why your masking it.

Think you can do the same for IPv6 if your box supports it, and you setup IPv6 glue records. I dont run IPv6 so I’m probably not the best resource to comment on that one.

thank you for all your help. I masked it bc im a newbie and dont know what is/isn’t senstiive lol. Thank you again though!

There is not enough info in the image as the domain name, etc is cropped.

Feel free to send me a PM with details, and I can check for you what you need to do.

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